What Has Debra Leigh Been Up To?

....an “artivist and edu-preneur”, a professional writer, playwright, singer, film-maker, educator, dramaturg, editor, arts administrator, public speaker and activist, often all at the same time. 

In addition to her own creative work, Debra Leigh is passionate about working with other artists.  She founded Hidden River Arts over two decades ago, and has grown the organization so that it now includes gallery events, an independent small press, yearly writing competitions, outreach and educational activities.  Wanting to be a "creative catalyst" for other artists, Debra is dedicated to helping other creative people to grow and develop. In addition to Hidden River's activities, Debra also works individually with fellow writers, with manuscript consultation, all levels of editing, and developmental support at all stages, from concept through to publication and on to promotion.  It's all about creative growth and discovery.  

One of her recent projects is a documentary film and companion book, both called 'Junct: The Trashing of Higher Ed. in America, which addresses the corporate colonization of academic culture in the U.S. - and now increasingly happening around the world.  She continues with her fiction and dramatic writing; there are always many projects in development at the same time. 

As if that isn't enough, Debra Leigh also provides an expansive list of communication, writing and editing services for a select group of clients in various business sectors, with her company, DLS Communications

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Other Work and Activities


In addition to her own creative writing, Debra Leigh writes several blogs, as well as writing book reviews and the occasional article.  Here are some of the other places you can read her writing.  


The New York Journal of Books - here is Debra Leigh's page of book reviews.  

Hidden River Arts - this is a blog about the arts world, and about the activities at Hidden River Arts. 

The Homeless Adjunct - This blog is dedicated to discussions about the dreadful state of affairs in American academia-- and how to reclaim high-quality higher education for our country.  

Guerilla U - A blog dedicated to conversations with parents and college-age students about the truths of higher ed. that the colleges try to conceal, with the goal of providing tactics and strategies to navigate the experience of higher education more successfully - and without the debt and deception of the typical college experience.  

The Good Times Manifesto - a blog that looks at living well, in every way possible, even in these difficult times. 

Debra Leigh Says - a blog that looks at culture, current events, and the journey through life.