What Has Debra Leigh Been Up To?

....an “artivist and edu-preneur”, a professional writer, playwright, singer, film-maker, educator, dramaturg, editor, arts administrator, public speaker and activist, often all at the same time. 

In addition to her own creative work, Debra Leigh is passionate about working with other artists.  She founded Hidden River Arts over two decades ago, and has grown the organization so that it now includes gallery events, an independent small press, yearly writing competitions, outreach and educational activities.  Wanting to be a "creative catalyst" for other artists, Debra is dedicated to helping other creative people to grow and develop. In addition to Hidden River's activities, Debra also works individually with fellow writers, with manuscript consultation, all levels of editing, and developmental support at all stages, from concept through to publication and on to promotion.  It's all about creative growth and discovery.  

One of her recent projects is a documentary film and companion book, both called 'Junct: The Trashing of Higher Ed. in America, which addresses the corporate colonization of academic culture in the U.S. - and now increasingly happening around the world.  She continues with her fiction and dramatic writing; there are always many projects in development at the same time. 

As if that isn't enough, Debra Leigh also provides an expansive list of communication, writing and editing services for a select group of clients in various business sectors, with her company, DLS Communications

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Other Likely Stories

"In these vivid, Southern-laced stories, the author has created characters both believable and moving, as she follows them through their harsh, secretive and passionate lives against the backdrop of the soldier-families fighting the Vietnam War."  Caroline Seebohm, The Last Romantics and The Innocents: A Novel.  

In this collection of inter-related stories, two sisters, Rachael and Midgy Meade - military brats during the anti-war Vietnam era - struggle toward adulthood living in and around military pots in the Deep South.  Their bi-racial cousin, Marlena Galloway, misspends much of her youth searching for a runaway mother.  Set largely in the 1960s, during times of great political and cultural rupture, these stories explore how the chaose of social change impacts the fragile interior lives of the young.  Against this setting, dark family troubles - incest, addiction, violence, mental illness, are woven through with the incandescent hope for happiness and love.  


Readers’ Praise for Other Likely Stories:
“I read almost exclusively linked-story collections and novels structured and stories, and I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur, and I give this collection my highest, humblest recommendation. The stories in OTHER LIKELY STORIES are haunting, shocking, intricately and delicately linked. Right up there with the Elizabeth Strout's Pulitzer Prize-winning OLIVE KITTERIDGE. It's a pity that Debra Leigh Scott hasn't received such acclaim.”  (“Red Radiator,” Morgantown, WV)
“I cannot remember a collection of short stories with greater emotional intensity than Debra Leigh Scott's Other Likely Stories. The title is misleading, for these are most unlikely stories, original while at the same time fiercely believable.”  (W. Kuenstler, PA)
“Other Likely Stories is a wonderful collection of powerfully written stories. The three young women whose lives we watch unfold discover not only who they are and their place in the world, but that they are stronger than they may have thought possible. Tackling such serious topics as incest, rape, and mental illness, author Debra Leigh Scott has nevertheless managed to infuse each story with an underlying sense of strength of character and hope for a better tomorrow. “ (Elizabeth White) Read whole review here.
“Debra typically packs more drama in a few paragraphs than I could manage in an entire novel,”  The News From Gridleyville.  Read whole review here.  
“In her debut collection of short stories, Other Likely Stories, author Debra Leigh Scott comes off, in many ways, like a latter-day William Faulkner.”  Small Press Reviews  Read whole review here.   

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Debra Leigh is available for readings and book signings.  For book clubs or teachers who are interested in having a set of questions or discussion points, please contact Debra Leigh.