What Has Debra Leigh Been Up To?

....an “artivist and edu-preneur”, a professional writer, playwright, singer, film-maker, educator, dramaturg, editor, arts administrator, public speaker and activist, often all at the same time. 

In addition to her own creative work, Debra Leigh is passionate about working with other artists.  She founded Hidden River Arts over two decades ago, and has grown the organization so that it now includes gallery events, an independent small press, yearly writing competitions, outreach and educational activities.  Wanting to be a "creative catalyst" for other artists, Debra is dedicated to helping other creative people to grow and develop. In addition to Hidden River's activities, Debra also works individually with fellow writers, with manuscript consultation, all levels of editing, and developmental support at all stages, from concept through to publication and on to promotion.  It's all about creative growth and discovery.  

One of her recent projects is a documentary film and companion book, both called 'Junct: The Trashing of Higher Ed. in America, which addresses the corporate colonization of academic culture in the U.S. - and now increasingly happening around the world.  She continues with her fiction and dramatic writing; there are always many projects in development at the same time. 

As if that isn't enough, Debra Leigh also provides an expansive list of communication, writing and editing services for a select group of clients in various business sectors, with her company, DLS Communications

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Debra Leigh Scott holds classes and workshops in the Philadelphia area, as well as nationally and internationally. Courses can be individualized for special groups.  She will travel to anywhere you choose to invite her, to offer weekend workshops, or residencies.  Courses and workshops can also be offered virtually.  With over 20 years experience with creative writing workshops and residencies,  Debra has taught privately, for writers, for corporate clients, medical clients and educators.  She has taught through both the PA and NJ Councils of the Arts, with young writers K-12.  Her university teaching includes classes in creative writing and playwrighting.  Her outreach programs include work with youth and adults; and she is always eager to work with under-served and special needs populations.  Debra offers special courses in both the medical and the corporate humanities, specialized and individualized to bring a variety of humanities and Liberal Arts materials to those in a variety of industries and occupations.  
"Visual Spatial Storytelling"™, a program that Debra developed for an art center, where she worked with young children to create stories and short plays from works of visual art, is available for individuals, private groups or classes.  The program includes a mixture of storytelling, poetry and other written forms of narrative, and an exploration of both well-known works of visual art and the works of the attendees.  The results is both written and visual original work.  Please contact us for more information.  
Debra is working to launch a series of beta classes on her new program, Writing from the Chakras.™  She is eager to bring this program to writers and other artists who are interested in combining yoga and other holistic practices with creative work.  Debra not only has a Master's in Creative Writing and Literature and years of teaching experience in creative writing.  But she also has a Master's and an ABD in World Religions, as well as years of training in a variety of experiential practices, including Reiki, Shiatsu, yoga, breathwork, meditation and chakra balancing.  This will be the first time she is combining these areas of practice for the purpose of creating a whole new way of tapping into creative energies.  This program can be run as a residency - an 8-week course, or as a two-weekend retreat program.  Anyone interested should contact us at writingfromthechakras@gmail.com to discuss the possibility of taking part in this really exciting new program.  Private groups, individual sessions, travel -- everything is possible.
Legacy Memoir
Debra offers a workshop called Legacy Memoir.  This workshop is focused on helping writers with stories to tell for the purpose of "legacy" -- your family, your community, your company.  Telling stories of your own life and experience, stories that will enrich the lives of future generations, is so often thought about, and too rarely undertaken.   It's another of our "traveling" programs, suitable for individuals, groups or classes as well as corporate retreats - and those who are interested in inviting Debra to bring this program to you, individually, or to a group, please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.
Other Hidden River Writers' Workshops Available
Of course, Debra's arts organization, Hidden River Arts, is always offering workshops in creative writing - fiction, playwrighting, creative non-fiction, as well as tutoring, private sessions - the goal is to help you to become a stronger writer, we are eager to do! Write hiddenriverwriters@gmail.com
Private Tutoring/Coaching
Another way to partner with Debra is to work with her privately, individually -- tutoring, manuscript reviews, developmental editing, consultation.  All programs can be adapted to private coaching.  Email debraleighscott@gmail.com in reference to arranging private sessions in any of the programs.